Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to our Family and Friends!

Mike and I would like to thank you all so much for your support, encouraging e-mails, scriptures and most importantly your prayers. This stage in our life is one of the most difficult circumstances Mike and I had to face. As parents, it is difficult to watch your child suffer and know that you can't take it away. As his mother I have wished everyday since I discovered something was wrong that I could be the one to take his journey with leukemia. It hurts more than words could ever describe. I am sure that all moms and dads can appreciate this pain. It is so reassuring that we have a loving heavenly father who looks over Gabriel and us at this time. We feel encouraged to know that you are all praying for our family. Even though every hour and every day will be unpredictable and at times very painful for us I do feel at peace knowing God is in control of everything. We are thankful for all of you and wish there were words enough to describe how blessed we are to have our amazing family and friends.

Thank you Todd for making our son laugh during this difficult time as this is what makes us strong when we feel weak. Thank you Tina for listening, watching Simone and being such an an amazing sister-in-law. Thank you Carolyn for being here to listen, to take care of our essentials that Mike and I can't do right now, for being here for our kids and also being an amazing sister-in-law. We could not have made it this far without your help and support. Thank you to mom and dad Smith/grandma and grandpa for being here no matter the time. We have appreciated all of your help. Thank you to mom and dad Bender/grandma and grandpa for your encouraging words over the phone. I know you feel far away, but your thoughts and prayers have been the most important to us.

To our friends,
We have appreciated so much knowing that you are thinking of us, praying for us and when you have come to visit us. Your visits help us escape the reality of our situation so we can come to be strong for Gabriel. Your friendships means so much to us. Thank you and we love you all!

Thank you to everyone who have provided help with groceries, gift certificates and toys for our kids. It helps knowing we are not alone when we have people around us during this time. All of your items have been extremely helpful, especially when it has made it difficult to leave the hospital.

Mike and Tina

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  1. Hey Tina it has been a while how is everything? We are still praying daily for your family. Love Amanda