Saturday, March 14, 2009

Smith Family News!

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some good news for our family. I have debated telling everyone early, but as time is progressing our news is becoming apparent as I seem to be showing too early for my liking and the eyes I see in public appear to question. The Smith family will be welcoming our third precious baby into the world on October 26th, 2009. This came to our family as a shock and to me feeling overwhelmed, at first.

Our story: Mike and I have discussed having a third child, but without a clear answer as to whether this was right for us. I have prayed often seeking an answer to this question, but was never clear about God's plan. A few weeks prior to Gabriel's diagnosis we made the decision that we were happy with just having our two children. However, there I was always hesitant and uncomfortable with this decision. Upon Gabriel's diagnosis and as inpatients at the hospital I spoke to Mike and stated that I certainly could not have a third child for so many reasons. In particular, Gabriel diagnosis has produced fear that I am trying to ask God to take from me. The fear was so pronounced in me that I could not imagine another one of my children facing the chance of this diagnosis and the fear that my expectations that I place on me as a mother would not be achieved with the demands that our future would face. I share this with you all as a testimony to what God can do in our lives to show that He is in control and that I need to always rely and trust in Him. God chose a different path for the Smith family. We, surprisingly, discovered I was pregnant in the hospital during our second week. Many emotions rushed in as described above, but I am now realizing that we always continued to want our third baby. We are preparing for the extra demands that a newborn may place upon us, but we are ecstatic that we will be having our third blessing from God. You may be wondering if I feel overwhelmed still? Sometimes, but mostly I am having faith that God has equipped me and will continue to equip me with whatever I need to be the best wife and mother. I can only continue to trust in our Heavenly Father as He "shall not leave me or forsake me."

Please pray for my continued health and for our unborn baby. In addition, I am wondering if everyone can pray for marital strength as this is certainly a difficult time for Mike and I. It is testing every strength we have as a couple and sometimes we feel we are not doing this well together as a couple. Thank you once again for reading my blog as I know I have shared a lot of myself with you all over these last few weeks.


  1. Congrats Tina and Mike
    I'm thrilled with your news.God always knows whats best for us and He will give us the strength to endure. Michele

  2. Bless you Tina! That is great news! You will continue to be in our prayers.

    Hope you are feeling well!

  3. Our formal congratulations, Mike Tina Simone and Gabriel. We were stressed about Kathryn too but now cant imagine life with out her. Gods grace is always sufficient. It really is!

    Hey momma did you get that boy of yours some chip yet??!!!

    Love Amanda

  4. Congratulations to your family on this happy news.

    Tina, I have been following your blog and praying daily for healing for Gabriel, strength and comfort for you and your husband and wisdom for the doctors and nurses.

    Joanna Bedggood

  5. Tina, a 3rd baby, that is amazing, I am so happy for you and your family. I am also so happy to hear that Gabriel is responding well to treatment. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Tina and Mike, Jen and Mike here, we are shocked too by your news and thrilled for you, there is nothing like a new life!!!! Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers and conversation and hey I like the phone and you like the computer,:) we're sorry we haven't talked in person yet, please call or write and we'll do anything for you, even if you need us to take on a task or come for a visit or whatever. Love you all.