Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day One-Mommy's discovery

I know that the hardest question for everyone to ask is how did you discover our son has leukemia. I thought the best things to do is to provide everyone with the same information. In addition, it makes it easier to share online than in-person.

Tuesday, February 10th

Gabriel proceeded to his Montessori School that he goes to once a week. I picked him up at 4 p.m. and he seemed really tired and did not want to leave my side. I went out for a few hours that evening and Mike was with Gabriel. Mike took Gabriel to our local library and indicated he was not interested. Very unlike Gabriel. When I got home as I usually do when I am home after my children are in bed I go to check on them. I kissed my son on his forehead and discovered he was warm. I went to the kitchen and noticed that Mike had the tool box out that we keep our medicines in looking for the thermometer. He was unable to locate this tool. I checked my baby boy and discovered that he had a temperature. Of course, as any mom does I gave him some Tylenol.

Wednesday, February 11th-My Worse Fear becomes a Reality
I woke up just like any other day and was about to dress Gabriel. I gasped when I saw a large bruise on his abdomen and became quickly angry. I called Mike to ask if there was anything that happened while I was gone the evening before. Mike indicated Gabriel was acting strange. He curled up on the floor in the kitchen wanting to go to sleep. He was in bed at 7:15 p.m. Nothing happened. I began to get angrier as I thought something horrible happened at his school and was not told. I quickly called his teacher. She told me that Gabriel bumped into a table, but did not appear to be upset about this occurrence. After my phone call, I began to get quite nervous and knew something was very wrong. I called our family doctor immediately to get an appointment. At that time he was scheduled to see the doctor at 12:45 p.m., but soon after this call Gabriel spiked a fever. I called back again and asked to come sooner as I was concerned that this was something serious. We left immediately at this time. Our doctor came in to see Gabriel and I and looked him over. Our doctor looked at me and said "these are not trauma bruises." I immediately became scared even though I did not know at that time what that meant. The doctor let me know what the worse case scenario was. The words leukemia rolled off his tongue so quickly that it caught me by surprise. He advised me that blood work has to be completed immediately and we were at the hospital in a matter of minutes. The blood work came back within an hour. Mike was home by that time because prior to going to the doctor's office I knew I needed him. Our doctor called us immediately and indicated that Gabriel's blood work is suggesting leukemia. I, of course, kept denying up until this phone call that this could be a possibility. Even on the car ride to the Children's Hospital we were denying this possibility. How could our little boy have cancer?? 1 out of 15,000 kids get leukemia and how it be our little boy. Yes, it was quickly confirmed by another set of tests. Our son, our baby boy, was diagnosed the same day that I discovered bruises with Acute leukemia. We were devastated and shocked. I could not help, but cry. I realized composure needed to happen as I looked at my little boy's eyes of fear as he saw his mommy crying and when he said "mommy, I want you to be happy." Since that day, I will never let him see the pain that this causes me. I will be strong for him. The only thing left to determine was the type of Leukemia. We were still uncertain about his future and this would only be determine after a spinal tap and bone marrow surgery. This day was a whirlwind and never could have imagined two weeks ago or even one week ago that our life would be turned upside down.

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