Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gabriel's Progress

Yesterday was a difficult day for Mike, Gabriel and I. Gabriel was in constant pain from his surgery and was taking codeine every four hours. However, this morning he seems to be responding to his Port a little better. His white blood count has been lowered. Leukemia causes over development of white blood cells. The doctors are very pleased with his progress. Gabriel has not had any fevers for two days. This is great news! Thank you to everyone for your prayers. God is so great! Continue to pray for peace and strength for Mike and I. We are seeing positive changes.

We are trying to cope with Gabriel's cancer, but can be difficult as our son's beautiful personality is in hibernation at this time. He is angry, sad, frustrated and barely smiles. This breaks my heart every time I see him. He smiles occasionally! We also realize that life is very different for us. We are also seeking God for direction in our life concerning our family. We are told that we will have to be on constant alert for fevers upon our return to Mt. Elgin. We have to be within one hour radius of London as we have to get him to the hospital quickly if a fever occurs. We are struggling with this potential as a result of where we are currently living. Please pray for direction in our lives. We are very thankful for want God has done for Gabriel. We thank Him for the progress that Gabriel is making. Thank you so much for your prayers.


  1. Thanks for writing this Tina and sharing with us your ups and downs. We're praying for Gabe everyday, and for you Mike and Simone. I'm thankful Gabriel has such a great set of parents!

    Sorry to hear you and Mike both caught the flu (or something:) Hope you're feeling better soon. We're here for you!

    You guys, and especially Gabriel are my new hero's!

    Love you'


  2. Dear Tina and Mike
    thank-you so much for starting this blog.It has been so hard not knowing any info.My thoughts and prayers are with you.Cancer personally touched our lives 10 years ago when Tony was diagnosed with colon cancer.To God be the glory he is healed today.If there is anything we can do please let us know.We do have something for Gabriel which we will leave at your door in mt.Elgin in the next couple of days. Lots of Love Michele and Tony Slattery

  3. Dear Tina, Mike and Gabriel.

    I came upon this bog through my mother Janet, who is a friend of Shelly's. I just wanted to offer some support and some positive news. I am 2 time cancer survivor. Both were very rare forms, the last was A.L.L. I am 4 years post treatment and doing wonderful.

    I can be beat!!! stay positive, keep smiling, laugh often and suround yourself with positive people. Attitude if half the battle. I am sending prayers and hugs to your family.