Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 29 of Induction

Today, we officially ended induction with the completion of a spinal tap and bone marrow for this round. These procedures were to confirm that remission has continued, which is less than 5% leukemic cells. Gabriel continues to be in remission with having less than 3% leukemic cells. The lab does not send results as to whether there is less than the previous bone marrow as there is some discrepancies between some of the leukemic cells and regular cells based on the small difference. This is excellent news and we are once again relieved and thanking God. We will proceed back to the hospital on Friday to have blood counts done as Gabriel's hemoglobin had dropped (normal to occur when on chemo), but they need to be at a certain level prior to commencing with "intensified consolidation" chemotherapy. However, we will be on alert for lethargic behaviour indicating his hemoglobin has dropped significantly that requires an immediate blood transfusion. We pray his hemoglobin count will not decrease any further so a blood transfusion is not required. The less time at the hospital leads to a better mental health for the Smith family. The next process of chemotherapy involves a change and pattern of oral and intravenous medications. In addition, Gabriel will require a needle that injects medication under the skin four times a week (not sure if this is for the entire month) and a weekly spinal tap for one month. A nurse will come into our home to administer the needle under his skin in his leg. This next process seems more difficult, but time will tell as we still need to have this new time-line discussed. Thank you once again for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. We wish all of you well and hope that you are able to enjoy your precious time with your own family.

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