Friday, February 27, 2009

Five Years to Cure-Disney World Here we Come

Mike and I had a long night and day of worry about the results of today. This roller coaster ride that Mike and I are confronted with continues to take us on the journey through hills and valleys within the world of leukemia. Today, we announce and praise God that today we proceed up a hill, rather than down another valley. Our son is in "remission." The bone marrow results indicated that Gabriel has less than 3% leukemic cancer cells left in his body. In order to be considered a "fast-responder" a child must have less than 5% leukemic cells left after only two weeks of treatment. This was cause for celebration for Mike and I. After hearing the news we embraced with a renewed sense of what our future will entail. We even laughed curiously as we realized that even though our son will still be fighting cancer, we have found joy in a time that some individuals would still feel a sense of misery. We thank God for the peace and strength that He has been providing us these past two weeks and would not have come this far without striving to place God first in our lives. The protocol for chemotherapy will be somewhat different prior to commencement of treatment based on the trans located leukemia chromosomes, but the cure rate is still significantly high and more importantly we trust God's will in our journey. (Note: I know you may have thought that when I was speaking of chromosomes I meant chromosomes received by parents. This is not the chromosomes I am speaking of. It is Leukemic chromosomes that I was speaking of in a previous blog and it is these chromosomes where they found one that was trans located, which will result in a little more extensive chemo for Gabriel. This is the power and importance of research. We should all support research when we can because it improves our physical and mental health).

Five years from today (February 27th, 2014), Mike and I will be taking our children to Walt Disney World in celebration of Gabriel being defined as "cured" from Cancer. We believe that one day we will see this to fruition by the power of God.

We continue to thank you for checking in to read how our family is doing at this time. We appreciate so much your kind words you have provided after some of the blogs I have wrote. I also want to thank my dear friends Elisa and Katrina for surprising my children with beautiful gifts at our door. I love seeing them smile. Thank you for doing this for us.


  1. So glad to hear some positive news, that Gabriel is a 'fast responder' that like a 'quick learner'? :)
    I look forward to sitting down with you in 5 years + a few weeks and checking out your Disney photo album!
    I guess decades of research has paid off some, that Gabriel was diagnosed, started treatment, and is under 5% leukemia cells withing 2 weeks! Hopefully by the time he has children, they will know the cause of this cancer and be able to disable it before it starts.
    all our love!
    Kyra and crew

  2. Praise happy to hear some great news....still praying for all of you....The Slattery's

  3. Praise God.....He is Good So glad to hear good news....still praying
    The Slattery's
    P.S.Tina did you get the stuff we left at your door earlier this week

  4. Praise God...He is Good...We will continue to pray.
    The Slattery's
    P.s. did you get the stuff we left on your door step earlier this week?